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Whether you are a company, self employed, an employee, approaching retirement or have left employment, there are many types of pension structures open to you. We advise on all types of pensions as follows:

  • Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) & Personal Pensions
  • Small Self Administered Schemes
  • Executive Pension Schemes
  • Group Schemes & AVCs
  • Self Directed Pensions
  • Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs)
  • Personal Retirement Bonds
  • Annuities
  • Overseas Pension Arrangements

What is your Pension Equilibrium?

We at Pension Structures have come up with a tangible method of arriving at your Pension Equilibrium. We have identified 12 contributory factors that help quantify the most appropriate and suitable pension for you. We use specific risk profiling techniques and meet regularly with you to help determine and update your Pension Equilibrium.

We ask you to put a weighting on all 12 factors from 1- 12, with 1 being the most important to you. This enables us to determine your Pension Equilibrium and in turn, advise you which options to pursue. The bottom line is that we can then help you choose the best pension for you.