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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits refer to various benefit packages that may be in place in a company for your employees. Pension Structures deliver administrative and consultancy services to employees and employers.

We enhance the benefits and service available to employees. We advise on a broad range of investment funds, increase the transparency and awareness of the underlying benefits, while at the same time achieving all this at a lower cost to the employee and employer.

We work closely with HR managers, financial controllers, company directors and key decision makers to ensure the best benefit package are available to your employees. Whether your focus is to attract and retain the best employees available or to get the best value for money, we will review, design, implement and communicate the best employee benefit package suitable for your company.

Given the volume of legislation passed in the last 10 years in the area of pensions, employment law, finance and tax, it is important that you are fully compliant in meeting your duties and responsibilities as an employer or trustee. Your employee benefit schemes need to be legally compliant and should go beyond best industry practices.

We advise on the following areas of employee benefits:

Consulting Services

Scheme design
Employee communications
General advice
Investment advice & performance
Risk benefit reviews
Executive counselling
Redundancy planning and advice

Pensions Administration Services

Defined contribution schemes
Hybrid schemes
Flexible benefits
Group life and disability schemes
Small self administered schemes
Defined benefit schemes

Benefit Communications

In an industry dominated by technical and legal jargon, the importance of clear, concise and easy to understand benefit communications is vital. We work closely with HR departments to ensure the benefit packages are communicated correctly as part of the company induction protocols. Ongoing benefit updates including staff presentations, one to one consultations, benefit statements, explanatory booklets and internet updates are vital to a successful employee benefit strategy. The greater the employee understanding of the benefits in place, the better this is for the company, employee and their family.